treasury collection of 2:00 am 4/5/09

stayed up way past my bedtime-- i'm dragging my behind today, but don't really mind because i enjoyed the quiet moments of the late night- or should i say early morning?? putting together treasuries as anyone will admit is so addicting. i love combining the work of different artists unifying everyone in these little collections. i discover so many wonderful new shops, revisit my favorites, show off friend's work, and find inspiration in all. it's a beautiful excercise!


  1. Gorgeous treasury- I TRY to make them this great! Thanks for including my vintage english hat pin- so happy put it my blog too !!

  2. glad you've enjoyed it-- your hat pin looks so special in it!!!

  3. love the earrings...
    all so lovely
    ~dee(from 'our little love nest')

  4. CONGRATS- on Front Page- I am not surprised it is one of the nicest treasuries I have seen- so honored to be included!!!! well deserved!!!