claiming my blog!!

i am claiming my blog-- a big moment!!??? ha --well i was told to post this mysterious code to "claim my blog" --

there--- i did it!

now that was exciting--- or was it?


  1. very mysterious...any clues?
    is this some kind of puzzle to be solved?

  2. hmmmmmmm....i AM rather excited...:) an important moment in the life of all bloggers...any idea who else might be after it?xo

  3. hah!!-- you are all just as perplexed by this as i am!!!

    i read about a site called technorati where allegedly one should and could "claim their blog". the info was in an etsy email message that sends along pointers, advice, etc..

    this one was about blogging..
    so i went and signed on to this technorati site-- i had to post this code on my blog as some kind of proof that this was my blog...i guess...

    very silly-- i'm thinking in retrospect-- why did i do this?

    well...it was late and i needed something to occupy my time i guess..

  4. OH! I was told to do the technorati thing too! But it looked so scary that I ran off. Well done you! xx