collective unconscious

i have been neglecting my blog-- making new work for my jewelry shop and gathering new finds for my vintage shop have been taking most of my time. with the onset of autumn and kids back to school, i feel the surge coming.. the energy is building as the chill starts to set in and the sun sets earlier each day. i am moving into a faster pace again. each moment of everyday is filled with doing...

finally-- i have something to post-- this is a wonderful victorian piece from the turn of the century which serves as both a brooch and a pocket mirror--and is currently available in my vintage shop.  the lithographic image has been decoupaged to a metal base and fitted with a mirror on the back along with a "c" style pin back clasp.  a  pretty young lady gazes out at the viewer with a steady knowing look. she wears a regency style empire dress. her curled locks are tied with a flowing scarf which wraps around her neck. she's framed with gold scrollwork .

i have always been a fan of objects or designs that are multi functional.  this fair little lady gazes out at you from one side, and when you turn her over, you gaze back --at yourself! there is something about this dual purpose brooch/mirror that is both wonderfully useful and mildly entertaining.

the brooch/mirror inspired a series of photos that seemed to hint at a deeper meaning-- so i enjoyed the time putting this collage together... i kept thinking of the word "unconscious" and then titled the collage "collective unconscious".

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