berries for birds

i make lots and lots of treasuries on etsy, and for those of you who do too, you will know when i say that there are some that you just love -when a certain bit of magic comes together-- and then poof-- it disappears, after such a short while up. so i thought well.. i'll keep this one around for a bit and post it on the old bloggo--


  1. I know exactly what you mean and this one is superb! Wish I had seen it while it was active.

  2. I'm such an collage-addict. You could print and frame this and I'd buy right away :-)

    Just one though, I'm saving money for one of your jewelry pieces.. Ha!

  3. It's beautiful, Kathi! Why is it that our best ones seem to go unnoticed? Thanks for posting so I could get a chance to see this one :)

  4. it does seem to go that way--- the ones that we love the best never make it to the FP. wouldn't it be wonderful if someone published a book with all of the best treasuries from etsy? i've seen some incredible collections-- i would love to have a book like that --
    it really makes you realize how creative and talented everyone is...

  5. i know the feeling exactly! this one is magical! xo

  6. this really is beautiful Kathi! I've been a little out of the loop with everything lately so sorry i'm only catching a glimpse of this now :)

    some of the treasuries you wish you could keep forever (and this is a perfect way to do that).
    Kerrin x