corn husk dolls

i found these corn husk dolls last spring tossed in a pile-- as though they no longer were of any interest... i swooped them up without thinking twice! i'm a total sucker for oddities and quirky things.. these are just so sweet .. made with loving details:  braids made from the corn silk, aprons, hats and sashes, curly hair, and my two favorites are the little boy dressed in blue knickers and hat-- and the rabbit wearing the long dress with the pink ruffle collar...


  1. I used to collect corn husk dolls when I was little. My favorite was one with a butter churn. I don't know what happened to them.

    Is that David Bowie in Portugese?

    happy wednesday! Sheila

  2. These are beautiful--it's an amazing and magical hand-craft--making dolls out of something that once grew in a field--and to think the actual production steps from A to Z are so few, and the impact is so great. Wonderful finds, Kathi!