saturday mornings...Good Golly Miss Holly

i've decided it's time to start featuring some of my favorite artists -- many will be from etsy of course, because i have grown so fond of so many over time--it's the most logical place to begin..it's just difficult to choose--as there are so many many talented and creative souls. it's a deep deep well to dip into.

saturdays are going to be my target feature day-- i can't think of a better way to start my saturday mornings--  a cup of coffee near at hand-- the sound of cartoons trickling in from the other room... the autumn air and light coming in the window, the city sounds of bottles clanking in shopping carts and trucks motoring by.... and my favorite's list in front of me...

the first feature for this september saturday morning  is the wonderful watercolor work of etsy artist gollybard-- aka holly. it was love at first sight when i saw her images at least a year ago. i adore her ability to distill the qualities of nature into a concise message of beauty and poetry--with a distinct "quirky" style ( holly's own words she describes her work with) -- filled with light, color and incredible sensitivity. the images have an immediate warming and emotional impact on me. i feel connected instantly to the things i love about nature. i find i am continually delighted every time i return to see her latest work. thanks holly-- for giving the world such beautiful gifts!


  1. You did it!! :-) and what a great shop to begin your series with.. I love Gollybards work!!

    I've borrowed it a couple of times to use it in Treasuries and am always leaving her shop happy :-) The two birds are one of my favs..

  2. hey simone-- i knew you had to be another fan of holly's work.... and yes i get happy too when i view her work.. great stuff!!

    xo-- thanks for popping in

  3. Wow! I think my cheeks are pink from blushing! Thank you so much for the feature. I am really honored. Your words are as lovely as your work. I'm a huge fan and I'll certainly be back to visit soon!

  4. Thanks for introducing me to Holly's work! You might like Geninne Zlatkis's paintings as well, if you aren't already familiar with her work. They have a similar feel. See her blog and Etsy shop here: http://geninne.com/

  5. I love her work! I just found it a few days ago... chances are Holly will be appearing on my blog in the not to distant future, too!

  6. beautiful work ~ her shop is new to me so thanks a bunch for the feature! ps your saturday mornings sound lovely! xo

  7. It's interesting to me that I just came from her blog to yours! I, of course, am a big fan of her work as well! Her paintings are so warm and human. They make me feel as though as I am with a good friend. Great feature, Kathi!

  8. hi vickie--thanks for suggesting gennine's work-- i'll go and have a look..

    and jessica, i'll bet holly will love having another feature.

    ... kendra what a funny coincidence!
    XO to you and karon--thanks for stopping in to see holly's work!!