summer strawberries and sweet surprise peas!

i have never loved a garden plant as much as the strawberries that i planted in a huge deep container on my city deck in the beginning of this summer. we don't have much room for a vegetable garden.. i would have a huge one if i could.. but we do manage to squeeze in a few goodies on our deck each summer season. usually some herbs; basil, parsley, sage, rosemary --but not thyme-- coriander, chives, catnip, tomatoes, clematis, and this time around strawberries. i was so surprised and delighted by the continuous growth and abundance of strawberries that kept on coming--so sweet-- and wonderfully hardy. what a generous plant--and it asked for so little in return.

as i was picking a few ripe strawberries the other morning and tending to some weeding, to my surprise --nestled and hiding in among the berries were a little enclave of sweet peas growing happily  and anonymously in the secret recesses of the strawberry leaves... so now i know what i'm adding to next year's deck garden--  sweet peas!

so here is a little homage and thanks to my sweet little garden goodies.. thanks berries, thanks peas...            thanks summer...


  1. What simple goodness and treasures we find in our gardens...an edible find too, lucky you! I found an elderberry within the tall garden phlox the other day.... here's to tough indigenous plants!

  2. how wonderful, kathi! and they look so delicious!loved the pics!
    have to try this in my back porch sometime even if I am not so good with plants...a city person I am...

  3. lucky you. this great find made for vibrant photos. i will soon be moving to the city and I was eyeing the fire escapes with plans of filling it with plant pots. thanks for the suggestions and inspiration.

  4. i was amazed at how hardy the strawberries have been-- of course we did have a very wet summer--they definitely liked that!! ( and they're planted in a very deep pot..)

  5. oh my these looks so tasty Kathi!

    i just imagine how your vegie garden would be if you had one .. over flowing with goodies!!