saturday's featured artists on...sunday

for today-- some modern jewelry. a wonderful blog- op voorraad features a variety of dutch artists selling their  contemporary designs...  i'm a huge fan of the color-- and the rough or un-fussed with finishes & organic qualities of these pieces-- giving them an amazingly fresh and modern appeal .

top row 1. patrizia thomazo/ lelies earrings  2. jorge manilla/ histories of a big city
bottom row 3. agnes larsson/ hibernate  4. sara mesritz/ kickin' it


  1. Wow, that ring is fantastic! Your blog is pure bliss. Looking at beautiful things AND listening to Seu Jorge .... what could be better? I love all of his acoustic versions of David Bowie songs.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Those pictures are wonderful! I am enjoying your blog so much!

  3. So funny you're the one who's showing this Dutchie a Dutch site. One I didn't know! It's amazing.. I'll be back there for sure, thanks!


  4. ha-- i was hoping you would see this simone!--and thanks for stopping in holly and sara..