september vintage saturated in color

  just a few new things from 5gardenias vintage -- lots of color and funky finds... i'm loving the 70s chunky amber rocks glasses which remind me of gin rummy games in the kitchen, whiskey sours,  and maraschino cherries-- an electric blue sapphire butterfly wing grecian cameo pendant that vibrates with color ( 40s-50s), a fabulous marigold and white marbled enameled bowl perfect for a fall fruit fallout, a 1950s mink fur hat with netting for oh so chic glancing across dimly lit crowded cafe rooms, and a pair of intensely cobalt, cobalt blue tea cups with rococo- like handles, which make tea taste very special... oh...and a sweet waddling pair of duck salt & pepper shakers from 1950s japan --they like each other very much ... cute....


  1. wow! they are all so pretty and quite elegant!
    And I just love the way you describe them!
    I keep wondering how you manage to find such lovely vintage goodies!
    have a nice week!

  2. ahh kathi, your vintage store is filled with wonderful items .. i was scouring it yesterday looking for favourites :)

    beautiful finds indeed ... i really love the yellow mixing bowl!