saturday morning...with Michel Maule

good morning! i can't believe that saturday has rolled around so quickly ...wasn't i just here a minute ago? well it's as if i never left because here i am again with a cup of joe in front of the computer and my blog page open-- and this beautiful autumn morning light is keeping me company..

i discovered portland oregon artist  michele maule's work just recently when i was doing a search for "water" on etsy. there among the variety of objects and images my eyes caught sight of a rich inky sepia brown landscape and a hulking form in the distance-- a water tower. i was struck by the deep stark beauty and mood of the piece and it's painterly use of materials...  so off i went to michele's etsy shop to find more.

once there i was amazed by the range of work -- figures, interiors, still lives, objects-- each with a story to tell of the artist's intimate relationship to her world. one of my favorite interiors, is "tied to you" an image of a sturdy old fashioned windsor style chair and a modern office chair tied to one another with a fine red string.  this image speaks so simply and beautifully of the relationship of two --a portrait of a couple.

here's a sampling of some of michel's prints, collages and paintings-- if you go to her etsy shop, and i hope you do, keep in mind that her paintings are out for the day at a show and will be returned in the next day or so..


  1. You have peeked my interest, Kathi! I am going to go check out Michele's work--from what I see here, it's stunning!

  2. Thanks for turning me on to another great artist. I love it when I am pointed in the direction of really beautiful and unique work!

  3. so glad you enjoyed michele's work!

  4. Excellent feature, Kathi! I love Michele's work.

  5. I have always loved her work.. collages are stunning!