henry's lego dudes

henry loves legos of all kinds, he is always making and remaking new versions of characters. they are usually ready for dueling. i always ask --why can't they just kiss and make up? or why can't they just be friends. henry says --"that's no fun". here are a few of henry's dudes that have since landed back in the lego bin.


1950s vintage flower necklace

1950s celluloid flower necklace with pale mauve rhinestones and silver tone metal-- just listing today in my vintage shop, 5gardenias. i love my beautiful horse model -- i've named her rosilyn after marilyn monroe's character in the movie the misfits- a truly stirring, gritty movie, starring clark gable, & marilyn, who gave haunting performances-- set in reno nevada-- directed by john huston and screenplay written by arthur miller. it's well worth watching... it's one that stands out among thousands of the fims i've watched..very memorable and moving


the sky is falling

little rabbits feel the ground quaking and the sky darkening-- it may be a giant heading their way, casting a shadow and shaking the land... RUnnnnnnn.....!!! no it's just me and my camera little bunnies... no worries

front page treasury 4/7/09


front page treasury 4/12/09 a giant fork and a mook


too soon for summer

it's too soon, i know, i KNOW! but i am already thinking of summer. ( and we just had snow fall here this past monday!) this little basket makes me think of summer. it has a sweet gentle summery feeling .. can a basket have a personality?..well, definitely a presence.


a commission

i make commissions sometimes when i can--this is a pair of sea lotus flower earrings i made for a very lovely customer.. i don't know if she's seen the photo posted in my shop yet..i hope she likes them! they are pierced fine silver flowers of various sizes. the smaller inner flower is torch fired with enamel and the outer flower has a layer of fused gold leaf (keum boo) added. a freshwater pearl is nestled in the center of each. the lotus is a symbol of eternity, and the aqua is in honor of the beautiful aegean seas...home of the gods and goddesses!


treasury collection of 2:00 am 4/5/09

stayed up way past my bedtime-- i'm dragging my behind today, but don't really mind because i enjoyed the quiet moments of the late night- or should i say early morning?? putting together treasuries as anyone will admit is so addicting. i love combining the work of different artists unifying everyone in these little collections. i discover so many wonderful new shops, revisit my favorites, show off friend's work, and find inspiration in all. it's a beautiful excercise!


a bit of everything

here is sunday's sampling of some of my ceramic sculpture, handmade jewelry, vintage items and a few of peter's paintings.


i think i figured it out!

i have been trying to figure out how to make collage photo groupings--- here is my first attempt! yes it worked! 1. plastic rabbits, 2. sea lotus floating, 3. dora yawning, 4. genesis brooch


50s necklaces and straw gardening hat

two wonderful necklaces made of early celluloid plastic from the 40s and 50s-- this wonderful teal/ turquoise straw gardening hat reminds me of my aunt gloria who loved to garden. i can still envision he in her big round sunglasses and floral patterned bathing suit-- wearing a similar kind of hat, while she tended to her summer garden.. these items will soon be listed in my vintage shop, 5gardenias.etsy.com

50s pastel spring flower brooch

a brooch which will be featured in my vintage shop. made of thermoset plastic and prong set rhinestones with a gold tone bow. very 50s-- very cute and springy!

1950s plastic easter bunnies and chicks

this is my small collection of vintage 50s plastic easter rattles and figures of bunnies and chicks. i love the colors --canary yellow with powder blue, bright cherry red with white features and ballet pink with cobalt. very goofy - whimsical and peculiar!