spring finds for 5gardenias

spring -- or the anticipation of it always makes me feel impatient, excited and downright giddy. one way to get myself psyched for this most glorious time of year is to get my vintage shop 5gardenias stocked with new fancies. here's a sampling of what's in store...

1.  1940s/50s bunny planter ( soon to be listed )
2.  girl with water jar,  50s figurine
3.  bunny planter
4.  green tea, 40s/50s japan teapot
5. parrot pair, 50s figurines
6. indonesian carved bell ( soon to be listed)
7. cottage rose plates,  royal china
8. parrot pair


  1. What a gorgeous array of contrasts...yes, I get like that in spring, as well!

  2. kathi...i love that little bunny planter! happy spring!

  3. i think i heard the parrots talking to each other........... or maybe it is just my brain out of whack!