spring rings for weddings and sweet friends for spring

the first image is a photo sent to me by my friend simone of  the etsy shop huismus. she's from holland and has first hand access to spring flowers--and i think she's probably got an incredible garden!. not only does simone take beautiful photos and sometimes sends them to me :) :) :)--but she makes wonderful artisan jewelry-- crochets like a madwoman in between all of the other various activities in her life...  and is learning metalsmithing--
the next photo is an example of slinkymalinkicat's fabulous eye and treasury making skills.  slinky's etsy shop is jam packed with fantastic antique prints of all variety of birds, beasties, flora and fauna--  she made this beautiful collection and wished me a happy birthday with it this morning.  i feel very lucky to have met such beautiful and creative souls on etsy.  i thank you both and send you ethernet hugs and love.

the next images area few new rings for spring. as part of artisan gallery team on etsy, we were invited to join a wedding challenge.  artists have been making work to celebrate spring weddings. i made these rings tying to imagine what a less traditional bride might wear,  a bit more modern in scale--yet keeping them as feminine as possible. the top eyelet lace flower ring is made with a large dreamy rose quartz stone, and an eyelet lace border and band all in a brushed light sterling silver. the second ring is a little golden buttercup with pearl, made of fine silver, sterling, keum boo ( fused gold )- the inner cup of the flower has been given a matte texture and the little white fresh water pearl really glows inside, with an irregular band inspired by organic  lines of nature. the last is a duet of flowers -double flower love ring --the single pearl a symbol in this case of purity and harmony as the two flowers come together...


  1. Dear Kathi ... how very sweet this post is. I adore your new rings, and Simone's photograph is exceptional. Thank you for featuring my treasury, I hope you had a fantastic birthday!


    PS. I am having issues with google, it will post this as 'team etsy project embrace' ... I can't find a way round it, sorry!

  2. Kathi, my dear far away friend. At times like this I would love to just run around the corner and have coffee together.
    Thank you for being you.

    If I ever run into a flower-silverpunch, I'll buy two :-)
    I hope you've had a fun day and a lovely dinner with Peter.

    Hi Kim! Thanks for your kind words, that T is something else eh? You sure have the eye.. x!


  3. thanks for dropping in --a little something for you both! XO

  4. Oh I love those Rings,
    they are so charming!!

  5. Your Double Flower Ring is perfect for the wedding challenge Kathi, it is so unique.

  6. Kathi the rings are beautiful, I love the first, it reminds me of a dainty doily! D

  7. I absolutely ♥ the Eyelet Lace Flower Ring! You are the real deal when it comes to TALENT!