itsy bitsy spider

nothing like a little plastic ring from a kid's birthday party goody bag-- i was in a pickle for a ring for the ring a day challenge..  thanks go out to henry and the itsy bitsy spider for the ready made....


spring rings for weddings and sweet friends for spring

the first image is a photo sent to me by my friend simone of  the etsy shop huismus. she's from holland and has first hand access to spring flowers--and i think she's probably got an incredible garden!. not only does simone take beautiful photos and sometimes sends them to me :) :) :)--but she makes wonderful artisan jewelry-- crochets like a madwoman in between all of the other various activities in her life...  and is learning metalsmithing--
the next photo is an example of slinkymalinkicat's fabulous eye and treasury making skills.  slinky's etsy shop is jam packed with fantastic antique prints of all variety of birds, beasties, flora and fauna--  she made this beautiful collection and wished me a happy birthday with it this morning.  i feel very lucky to have met such beautiful and creative souls on etsy.  i thank you both and send you ethernet hugs and love.

the next images area few new rings for spring. as part of artisan gallery team on etsy, we were invited to join a wedding challenge.  artists have been making work to celebrate spring weddings. i made these rings tying to imagine what a less traditional bride might wear,  a bit more modern in scale--yet keeping them as feminine as possible. the top eyelet lace flower ring is made with a large dreamy rose quartz stone, and an eyelet lace border and band all in a brushed light sterling silver. the second ring is a little golden buttercup with pearl, made of fine silver, sterling, keum boo ( fused gold )- the inner cup of the flower has been given a matte texture and the little white fresh water pearl really glows inside, with an irregular band inspired by organic  lines of nature. the last is a duet of flowers -double flower love ring --the single pearl a symbol in this case of purity and harmony as the two flowers come together...


spring vintage

as the days get sunnier and the light lasts longer i feel myself coming out of my winter shell--like a little hermit crab i'm skittering around and happily collecting spring vintage finds for my vintage shop 5gardenias . here is a sampling of what's new.

clockwise from top left

little bundle of pink posies ( glass findings)
mums porcelain serving plate
princessa necklace  ( listing today)
horse and buggy cross stitch runner

clock wise from top left

j.h. millstein glass rabbit candy container
leafy greens sugar and creamer set
petite platter
3 tall 70s tumblers


ring a day challenge

i joined the ring a day challenge started by nina dinoff on flickr about 20 days ago. the idea is to make a ring a day for an entire year, no matter what materials you have on hand. needless to say it often proves to be quite a task despite the fact that almost any material will do. it certainly helps to push one into uncharted territory and to try materials and ideas on for size -- literally. lots of fun. take a look at the group pool -- everything from silly to sublime--the whole gamut.
these are some of my offer- rings to date. some have been prototypes for actual pieces in metal. others are still ideas in the works, and others such as my strawberry ring...have been eaten... -- jelly beans are next i think.... :)


- goldy locks pinky ring

here's my ring a day ring for the ring a day challenge i've joined on flickr. i was rifling through drawers and boxes and mementos the other day and found this little lock of a curl from a first haircut for my second son. i think he was nearly two... a sweet and funny boy with a sparkle in his eye and much love in his heart.... tawny and golden in color. while i was pregnant -- i dreamed that he was a little honey bear... his animal totem i always tell him...




always one of my heart's faves-- cy --you make me sigh... ( thanks for reminding me about twombly dawn--  always so refreshing to see his work!)


march hare

love this  mid century vintage paper mache bright yellow bunny candy container -- of course it's in my vintage shop- 5gardenias !


collection series #4

 what i love about collections is that they can be huge or comprised of a few similar things. i stopped at 3 with this one. it seems to be enough... or is it?  these are vintage eye inserts for doll heads. a little bit weird--but wonderful. two of them seem to want to make plenty of eye contact, the tall one just stares up into the sky.... i think they make fabulously wonderful little sculptures... i love how they each come on their own little  odd pedestals...


an etsy FP

always love when a treasury i've really enjoyed making makes its way to the FP on etsy--


spring finds for 5gardenias

spring -- or the anticipation of it always makes me feel impatient, excited and downright giddy. one way to get myself psyched for this most glorious time of year is to get my vintage shop 5gardenias stocked with new fancies. here's a sampling of what's in store...

1.  1940s/50s bunny planter ( soon to be listed )
2.  girl with water jar,  50s figurine
3.  bunny planter
4.  green tea, 40s/50s japan teapot
5. parrot pair, 50s figurines
6. indonesian carved bell ( soon to be listed)
7. cottage rose plates,  royal china
8. parrot pair