january finds for 5gardenias vintage

 howdy friends--happiest 2011 to you all!-- well where does the time go? it seems to get swept away with the snow drifts and winter winds. i've been holing up in my house, painting walls ( time for some fresh color ), working on new jewelry designs for the spring and photographing some recent vintage finds for 5gardenias vintage. i'm relieved the holidays are over-- i always find the slower month of january a lovely time of year.-- the heart of winter covered with snow and grey skies. a time of introspection, learning, knitting, cooking, wrapped up  in a cozy quilt with a good book,  and a mug of hot cocoa--  and trying to get just a little more organized -- even if things become disorganized again later in the year-- it feels good while it lasts...
so i've finally made my way back to my blog after an extended break and having just listed some new items in my vintage it shop it seemed a good time to get myself back in gear. above are a few wonderful early finds that date back to the turn of the century and a famille rose tea bowl from the 18th century..... and a nod to valentines day for the romantic..  hope you enjoy!

 starting top row from left to right
1. victorian embroidered cross stitch pin cushion
2. 18th century rose famille porcelain tea bowl
3. victorian string art ( handmade ) frame and antique photo
4. baby blue valentine textile boudoir heart
5. victorian valentine postcard
6. victorian Conte & Boeheme porcelain boots match holder
7. vintage textile bobbins
8.  vintage japan dutch boy pin cushion ( soon to be listed )
9.  vintage travel cutlery set  ( soon to be listed )


  1. Love them all Kathi! You have such exquisite taste! Welcome back! I'm going to take a closer look at these lovelies!

  2. Yes, Kathi, your taste is impeccable! And I completely admire your photography. Plus--it's amazing what you manage to find for your shop. And the beauty of each item--it's captivating!

  3. thank you holly and dawn-- so glad you enjoyed the post-- i love when you stop in to say hello ( and shower me with compliments!! hah! well... i do appreciate them!