new shots

sometimes i just love the way the photos for  vintage finds come out.  i thought i'd share a few photos with you of recent  listings.... i've been in love with antique and vintage sewing notions and all things related to needle arts for as long as i can remember. i've decided to start offering some of these wonderful pieces in my vintage shop 5gardenias.
an antique marbled brass turn of the century sewing etui ( thimble and thread holder)
a sweet pair of applique and embroidered sheer cotton voile panels with falling stars 
an enchanting antique ikat flower pattern silk sewing bag
a pair of ikebana shears

oh... and i've been finishing and photographing some new jewelry pieces that i'm hoping to list at the end of february-- just in time for spring. i hope to preview a few of them here in the next few weeks-- i'd love your feedback when i do....


  1. you make everything look so desirable! cannot wait to see your new jewelry kathi.

  2. thank you both for joining me here- i've been so behind in posting and so it's nice to get back to it and have some feedback.
    ..and paula i'm heading over to take a look at your new shop!

  3. Your vintage shop is like walking into the most beautiful home and finding a light-flooded kitchen or sitting room and exquisite 'finds' in little nooks here and there--but never crowded, always a surprise, always fresh. Kathi--I can't wait to see your new jewelry line!

  4. Love your blog!!

    Check my blog out of you want to - www.fleurable.blogspot.com


  5. Your photos are really amazing kathi! I miss you! we just received Petes painting and love it.
    Lets catch up. It is a snow day here. about -5 degrees outside. Camille and I are snuggling in all day. xoxoxxo Can't wait to see the new jewelry. tia