5gardenias february finds

i've been busy lately, on top of gathering vintage finds for  5gardenias, and making jewelry for my etsy jewelry shop -- i've been painting walls in our home-- changing the colors from saturated deeper colors to lighter and simpler neutral colors. the once red wall has now got 2 coats of slightly different tints of light yellow/green, almost a citron--that have been brushed on -- --waiting for a 3rd and possibly 4th coat of yet another tint.  the majority of the other walls are now finished with a soft ash bark, and talc white. our place feels lighter and larger- just in time for the spring. i'll post some pics in the next day or two of the back wall's progress...

in the meantime i've recently listed some sweet new vintage pieces to celebrate the late winter season and the anticipation of spring... i know i know -- it's still a bit early...
from top left to right:
1. p.k. silesia porcelain tea cup set from the turn of the century
2. wm. rogers eagle and star X12 silver plate flatware
3. vintage transfer ware platter
4. rustic wire heart basket
5. antique green metal lidded container
6. sweet grass basket and sewing notions kit
7. antique chinese cane sewing basket with tassel
8. late 19th cent. conte & boeheme fairing porcelain trinket box
9. pair of applique shooting star cotton voile panels

 i also thought i'd mention a wonderful surprise that happened just this past week-- 5gardenias was featured on decor8's etsy take five tuesday picks-- i was thrilled because decor8 is a super design blog and i was surrounded by 4 other wonderful shops that up until tuesday i hadn't known about ( well i was already a big fan of mincing mockingbird's shop) it was a good and happy week for my little vintage shop and me. the kind of week that makes me realize i must be doing something right!


  1. love your finds - feels so hopeful and so much like spring. can't wait to see your wall!

  2. holly-- if anyone brings spring to life in winter it's you-- i love your latest paintings of the birch branches and the beautiful black swan -- thanks for stopping by my dear :)

  3. Love, love, love your finds, Kathi!! And I have been thinking of repainting the living room--right now a very dark library green--need to go lighter and brighter! Yes, post pictures!! xo

  4. Hi Kathi: Lovely finds, all companiably together. Looking forward to seeing your walls! Will watch this space..or remember to check blogs soon!

  5. I look through your shop every day, Kathi--and it's always an inspiration!

  6. OOps! My yesterday's comment didn't "take"; Hi dear Kathi! I think you "are doing something right" and I too, am looking forward to seeing those walls! These are lovely finds, too in your vintage shop!

  7. hi cait-- what a great surprise to find you here and ginny too-- and ginny your comment was fine-- i just hadn't made it in time to check on my blog and comments-- and dawn-- thank you for keeping an eye out and visiting my shop.
    i should be able to post a pic or two of the before and during painting of the back wall tonight or tomorrow-- i hope!

    XO to you all!

  8. Very pretty!

    just say the word gardenia and it fills your nostrils with the sweet scent.

  9. yes-- the scent is intoxicating... :)

  10. I absolutely adore your shop. Your lovely finds are so beautifully styled and photographed. I would love to feature you on my blog as one of my favourite Etsy sellers. May I?

  11. hi helen-- i don't know if you'll be back to read this-- but i'm always very happy to have my shop featured-- i would just like to have a link so i can come and enjoy the treat. thank you for stopping in and leaving such lovely comments. best to you.

  12. just discovered ur blog and I'm amazed! :D Keep up!!!