rustic simplicity to welcome july

it's been a while. life's been busy--trying to balance work with home life-- i'm sure you know exactly what i'm talking about. but i'm a proud momma, as i had the wonderful experience of watching one of my older sons graduate from college. a little bitter sweet as i know his visit home is a short one before he heads out across country to begin his new adventures in LA. - a long way off-- but a very good reason for me to get out to the west coast more often!
so now with some happy distractions and activities out of the way i have time to post and give you a preview of some wonderful rustic vintage finds from 5gardenias to help celebrate the coming of july.  a sweet vintage screened drying rack or seed sorter, a wonderful minimalist mid century signed sterling leaf brooch from denmark ( listing soon!),  an antique iron wire rack ( great re-purposed  as a hanging planter), and a fabulous antique coffee grinder/mill made of brass and lustrous dark wood .

i hope everyone is enjoying these early days of summer-- and autumn days for some-- may the sunshine and blue skies bring you happiness and make your tomatoes ( or pumpkins)  grow like crazy!


  1. Kathi! That's so exciting to see your son graduate. It is a pivotal moment in life! I love your new July finds - always so beautifully put together!

  2. hey holly! yes-- it was a very fine day of celebrating-- definitely one of life's milestones!

    and thanks for dropping in-- i always enjoy your visits... :)

  3. Hi Kathi--love reading about your son graduating. It must have been wonderful for you to attend. He has the world at his feet now--what a feeling! I would enjoy the chance to go to the west coast...

    I love your finds and your shop is looking beautiful--both of them!

  4. thanks dear dawn-- and yes -- visiting my son will make for a wonderful reason to get out of town more often. now i just need to break this news to him... :)