my model for early july

 my sweet simple little antique maid's apron made for a wonderful model yesterday, catching the warm late afternoon summer light through each finely woven thread.... and a bowl of fresh summer cherries for good measure.. then it seemed only natural to include this wonderfully rustic set of vintage white enamel camp cups, and a vintage syracuse china blue vine rimmed diner ware platter both ready for adoption from my vintage shop. all in the spirit of fine summer living...
have a wonderful weekend good people!


  1. Ahhhhh, Kathi, your pictures certainly evoke summertime! I'm ready for iced tea with mint! Love the apron!!! sigh...

  2. yes-- it's definitely time for iced with mint and lemonade with lemons! i'm clinking tea glasses with you cait-- i hope you had a great trip out to seattle and back.. i saw your pictures with ginny and kristen-- looks like a good time. my very best to you!! XO!

  3. I just love your exquisite photos! Summertime, old lacey things, grandmothers and houses with soul. That's what these evocative pictures bring to my sense memories.

    Kathi, it's been too long. Hope you're having a wonderful summer. We have a damned heat wave down here in hot 'lanta.

  4. well hey there victoria-- what a wonderful surprise visit. it's been a good while... i hope you're managing to find ways to cool off, and painting up a storm-- it's on the steamy side here too-- but i bet it's down right over the top in atlanta.

    i hope all is well-- and i hope you have a wonderful summer too!