I can hardly believe it's so close to the holidays already. Things have been moving at a whirlwind pace. I'm guessing that many of you are feeling rushed and overworked right now with all the added planning and deadlines for things. ... Here's hoping we can all find some moments of quiet, -- some moments to catch our breath and unwind-- and then look forward to those moments for connecting- celebrating our bonds with the people we love and cherish. The holidays can be stressful and demanding, but they can also bring us together in unexpected and beautiful ways. Here's hoping we all find a balance and find the time to enjoy what it's really all about.... Happiest Holidays to you!

... and finally I have a chance to post above a few goodies currently listed in my vintage shop-- holiday decor--all wonderfully aged, full of story and personality from the 1930s... hope you enjoy.
top left to right:  antique celluloid reindeer on chenille wire stems , antique czech bohemian mercury glass airplane ornament, antique czech mercury glass and bugle bead star ornament,


  1. Do you have snow yet? That is the moment I love--when the quietness of snow arrives...

    Beautiful sentiments and post, Kathi!

  2. The stars are very pretty.