I fell in love with this Victorian sewing box-- with it's azure blue paper lining and sweet sweet notions... my favorite is the cloth measuring tape in its gilt washed metal case and hand embroidered flowers on ivory silk-- the back side of it is a fabulous sea foam green.  The buttons are early cloth covered on their original cards, and there are black and plain steel snaps. The box came with it's own pin cushion in matching azure blue silk, along with this wonderful handful of button hooks, thimble, sewing scissors, wooden needle case. All things enchanting a for a lover of sewing. Inside the lid, there is a chromo lithograph of a boy and a girl holding up a baby who is framed by the large branches of a tree. 
I am tempted to keep this fabulous piece, but thought I should tempt you with it first.... it's just been listed in 5gardenias vintage.
Wishing everyone the Happiest 2012-- just a few short days away!

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  1. ...that's a real treausre trove, Kathi...not just visually and emotionally beautiful--it's practical, too.

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year, and joy in 2012!!!