alliance of Shiva and Vishnu.. training the apprentice
                                   meditation on the possible and necessary balance of things
                                                  the three gunas or conditions of existence
                                                meditation on the endless dance of energy
                                           reference to Kali goddess of death and destruction
                                                              Kali's 28 dazzling tongues
            another depiction of the three gunas in natural ascension from darkness through fire to light
                    pure consciousness ( the purer the consciousness the bluer and clearer the sky )

A most amazing sequence of paintings from anonymous Hindu devotees ( a practice dating back to the 17th century )-- depicting states of being-- compiled in a book by Franck Andre Jamme titled Tantra Song.  I thought if you haven't seen these, I should share them with you. They are so stunningly simple and immediately powerful. Hope you enjoy and best wishes to all for a wonderful 2012 ahead!


  1. Those paintings are stunning, Kathi. I'd love to see them in the original, but the images are powerful enough as is here...love this post!

    Wishing you a beautiful 2012!

  2. yes-- it would be wonderful to see the paint on the paper and the aged and stained papers... so beautiful!

  3. Yes, a lovely post, Kathi, and very inspiring images-quite beautiful in their impact and and they are quite grounding. Wishing you a great year. Will travel back and se your other blog posts. Many thanks for your greetings on my blog a while back and on FB for my Birthday! I appreciate you and your wonderful spirit and eye for the simple, expressive and impressive!