I know it's terribly soon to start lusting for Spring-- but it happens every year... just a snippet-- a glimpse is all it takes.....
 a sweet millinery bouquet with a defiant sense. Just a little topsy turvey and delightful.
( o.k.... this darling brooch/ hat embellishment will be listed very soon in 5gardenias shop, I promise! ).... : )


  1. "Lusting for Spring" is the right phrase, Kathi. And why not? January is over and February will roll over on an even shorter count. I Find myself feeling the same. ^_^

  2. I always love February for that reason Jane--- "it will roll over on an even shorter count" --plus it the month tends to have a few surprise warmish days which are always wonderful--then of course March is a roller coaster ride of weather-- but so full of promise!
    thanks for stopping in! : )