I have been busy of late-- packing up years of accumulation-- all of the items collected and held onto over a long span of time. Amazing how much stuff has just been sitting and waiting for this moment-- to be rediscovered and then sorted onto the "gotta go pile" or "for keeps" pile. My husband insists I'm a pack rat. I think he may be right. We have sold our building and have found a new home. It's very different from the home we've lived in for the last 12 years- this city loft home, with crazy painted floors and open doorways and rooms, where I gave birth to our son. A place we rehabbed ourselves that marks the beginning of our family's life together. Henry's sticker collection still lines the edge from top to bottom of the bathroom wall, the 2 by 4 cat scratching post is nearly scratched down to the last bits of wood... It will be very hard to leave. But it's time. Living in the heart of the city has worn on us. The night life and noise that continues into the early morning, the sounds of sirens and the restaurant patron's conversations that are audible in our home... well it's all very dear with it's liveliness on one hand but all very tiring on the other. We are definitely in need of a little peace.
So we will pack up, trim down, and move to a smaller abode. A 50s style home that was revamped just a few years ago-- everything nice and new and light and airy. The best part is a great big backyard--right now just a basic big deep rectangle of grass-- but so full of potential. The plan is to build a two story studio with spaces for both my husband and myself-- attached to our house by a greenhouse- a place to coax little seedlings along to be transplanted in the vegetable garden that we plan on having. All this and still plenty of room for Henry to kick a ball around and build some snow forts in the winter. The idea of being able to design our own studios has been a dream of ours. So to bring all of this about will be an amazing feat!
It's likely I will be even less active on my dear blog for the next few months, as we have much still to pack and then much to do in order to get settled. I'll try to post some pics of the changes, the new abode and plans for the new studios... In the meantime thanks so much for stopping by-- I'm wishing you a happy early Spring--just a little in advance.

some goodies newly listed in OhDearViolet-- with a touch of the romantic....
Victorian celluloid and rhinestone brooch from the 1940s.
Victorian era paper collar box with lace collars
Antique crocheted heart pin cushion
Victorian era tatted lace and white work doily pair


  1. It all sounds so wonderful, Kathi! I know you will love it. What you gain in peaceful space and open light will reshape your life--and I am soooo looking forward to seeing snippets here and there of your new abode. XOXO

  2. Thank you Dawn-- I love change and despite the fact that leaving our place is tugging at my heart, I know it will be the start of a wonderful new chapter. I hope to keep updates going on my blog. Have a wonderful week my dear!

  3. Moving is never fun, but it sounds like your new home will soon be a haven for you and your family. And how fun to have room for your very own studios designed by you!

    I'm looking forward to seeing photos along the way.

  4. Yes Alice-- moving is always under any circumstances an upheaval--it sounds like you are familiar with the experience. Thanks for your kind support! Cheers!