Well-- I think it's been ages since I posted last. I'm chalking it up to the extremely cold winter we've had, with snow up to our frozen noses,  my healing torn foot ligaments - with weekly physical therapy visit. A new dog- Fernando- a chihauhau & mini pin mix, we rescued from a local shelter,  who is adorable and sweet. By necessity, I take him on several good walks each day ( great exercise and fresh air )  Our youngest child home for a week due to  a mild concussion -now all better, thank heavens- and good old tax time - which always throws me into a tailspin! I imagine everyone else has their own personal tax time "issues" as well as stories of just how extreme this year's winter has been, along with all the other day in day out challenges. No doubt each of you is as ready as I am for Spring!
So to celebrate finishing my taxes today, I'm ending the day with a nice glass of vino and a post of some new Spring baskets recently added to 5gardenias vintage. ( some fun work for nice contrast )
from left to right top row :
A vintage farm stand/produce basket-- great for gathering clippings from the garden or storing gardening tools. A sweet vintage pressed paper pulp Easter rabbit candy container, in a lovely shade of daffodil yellow. A fabulous mid century hanging wood planter, and a lovely lovely antique hand woven Appalachian splint oak buttocks or melon basket-- with wonderful character and workmanship. All reminders that Spring is imminent -- or for you lucky ones-- already in full tilt.
Wishing you sweet Spring tidings-- or if you're in the southern hemisphere-- well-- here's hoping you're moving toward some cooler temps ! Cheers : )


  1. Oh you sound like you have had your hand full this winter!! Hope everyone
    is recovering, healing, feeling warmer...AND I absolutely adore your
    photography! So serene!! Oh and taxes...haven't started! xoxo

    1. Thanks for your well wishes Cait! So glad for the close proximity of Spring and for all the ailments and mishaps to be well behind us now! Hope you had a fabulous trip to Italy! xoxo!

  2. Kathi--so glad to hear your foot is healing, and your son is okay. I have seen the cute little Fernando on your flickr site--adorable.
    Wishing you warm days and a beautiful Spring!

    1. Thank you Dawn-- yes-- it's good to have everyone feeling better and to be done with this seemingly endless freezing winter. I hope all is well with you-- lots of love to you!