I was so excited when I found signs of plants sprouting from the earth today on my walk with Fernando-- our new dog. I will post some pics of him soon- he's such a sweet heart! We rescued him from a local dog pound. He'd been found as a stray in the middle of the coldest of cold stretches this winter. Fernie is a chihuahau mini pin mix-- and he's a dear little fellow. We are all smitten with him-- and even the cats seem to be warming up to him. Walking has become a much more regular part of my days now-- and I love it!
So --back to being inspired by this inkling of green life -- these tiny buds and sprouts poking up from the ground. I found myself becoming increasingly excited as I found more and more plants beginning to stir.  No doubt most of you are feeling likewise about the change of seasons. Hasn't this seemed like a very long and very cold cold Winter? 
Once I came inside I had this strong inclination to go through some of my natural history books, and then I got out my camera-- plants, books, a few of my favorite wood carvings-- all things that I love dearly-- I just thought I'd share. . they speak of Spring to me... and the sweet antique splint basket is the only thing I'm letting go of-- I just listed it in 5gardenias vintage shop this morning.
Wishing everyone a lovely weekend ahead- hope it's filled with blossoms and sunshine!

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