better late than never

a collage featuring one of my favorite jewelry artists-- iris eichenberg with some pieces from  her blossom series, some fun new vintage finds from my vintage shop 5gardenias, and a vibrant series of owl rings by idlehands from etsy.. oh and a wonderful, colorful necklace from dutch artist  ursula woerner from op vorraad.

eichenburg's work speaks of unseen systems at work -- natural internal mechanisms-- animal and human--mysterious and ambiguous at times --always leaving the viewer with a need to know more... organic and visceral. visually stunning- made in all of my favorite media, ceramic,  (porcelain) silver, and a variety of textiles.

my latest vintage finds at 5gardenias have an old world, mrs havasham kind of feel-- great expectations and cobwebs... i've suddenly fallen in love with tarnished sterling and silver plate, old sewing notions, and crocheted lace... visit my shop for more...

and a treat from etsy shop idlehands-- just in time for halloween these owl rings are cast from colorful resin. visit idlehand's super fun shop for more   dark humored and spirited items --  stitched heart pendants, blood garnet rings and skeleton pendants..

and last but not least --another talented jewelry artist featured on a favorite jewelry blog op voraadd , ursula woerner has made a colorfully modern necklace titled loop- in- loop. check out the blog for many more wonderful jewelry artists!

happy autumn!


  1. What a fantastic blog you have! So inspiring ::)
    Thanks for featuring my Whoo rings!

  2. hey thanks for stopping in for a look lindsay-- i love your rings, they're wonderful!