more vintage

i've been feeling nostalgic for old silver and lace-- it's the miss havisham in me--but i've learned since growing up to lower my expectations....

that's why i can enjoy pieces left tarnished and silver plate that is worn away is spots.  i've always been a sucker for aging, cracking, peeling, blemished and well used objects-- the mystery of history. the funny thing is that i used that phrase "mystery in the history" in one of my item descriptions in my vintage shop listing yesterday morning. then last night i watched a brief few minutes of t.v. ( boy is t.v. boring these days!), and there was a used car salesman saying "there's NO mystery in the history..." !!! i can swear to you that i've never heard that silly commercial. so i have to ask what are the odds of that phrase being repeated in the same day and with total opposite emphasis??....  and by a used car salesman no less!! hah!! - is this some kind of cosmic parallel?--- or my lost twin brother?  or perhaps a glimpse of myself in a past or future life as a used car salesman??  love that!!

above is a sterling silver tea strainer-- with a lovely patina of tarnish, and a silver plate chatelaine coin purse with some fine surface wear and a wonderful softly faded violet interior... these items are both for sale in my vintage shop, 5gardenias


  1. Both pieces are absolutely lovely, from one Miss Havisham to another. :)

  2. I love the tarnish, too! That's why I love oxidized silver so much, and your beautiful jewelry!