Sequel to the Fable of the Wooden Clogs

The Enchanted Garden of the Black Monkey

i'm finally in the halloween spirit-- i loved fairy tales as a little girl-- Grimm's and Han Christian Anderson were loaded with so many amazing stories.. so i made these collections in honor of those wonderful books and tales!


  1. what fun for the spirit of the holiday! it's been awhile since i've read any fairy tales & this is intriguing enough to send me on a search. thanks so much for including my queen of the night... she does fit right in. pat

  2. This story-telling is what it's all about, at least that's the only thing that keeps me at this treasury-making, because the material, the raw material for good stories is everywhere--and this is so much fun, Kathi!!!

  3. it always amazes me how during the act combining seemingly unrelated objects and materials-- a story inevitably begins to suggest itself-- and it's not always a literal one--often a visual one of feeling and sensation connecting to so many wonderful universal themes. i can't wait to piece the two stories together and post them on the blog-- there have been so many wonderful entries!

  4. This is such a wondrous and inspiring concept Kathi! Not only the peicing together of the visual Treasury by you, but the picking up of the thread ends of the tale by all the different artists and each of them adding their unique perspective. I am absolutely in LOVE with this whole idea which harkens back to time honored traditions of storytelling and using ones imagination, a gazillion years ago (like 60!) before the advent of mass media was available to all. Thank You!!
    :) Kristin