iris-- l'actrice, renaissance woman and chanteuse

i am a huge fan of our beloved iris of brownbunnybyiris on etsy. iris is not only a fantastic designer, but she's an accomplished painter, actress and as it turns out - fabulous vocalist as well.  -- when i hear her sing i hear the city in all of the expressive and softly sultry nuances of iris's lovely vocals...  

here is "hello berlin" iris's recording with her husband karl, along with a video of iris' neighborhood in berlin -- iris is playing base --i will be the first in line when the c.d. comes out!!

...  O.K. iris... what else have you got in that bag of tricks of yours??!!

thank you iris and karl for giving me permission to post this wonderful video and recording! XOXO

be sure to click on the video to hear iris and karl's recording-- it's now located at the bottom of the blog page--scroll down to the end to find it--!


  1. Oh my goodness Iris! I had no idea you sang as well, how incredible!!!

  2. What delicious vocals...WOW!!!
    yes, I agree Iris is a true renaissance woman for sure. Such a beautiful song, thank you for sharing this dreamy song.

  3. How wonderful! Your voice is wonderful...and the music lovely.

  4. I am also a fan of Iris, her sweet voice and poetic words are an inspiration!!! Cheers to Iris!!!

  5. So very cool! great voice that reminds me a little bit of Nico.

  6. What a lovely voice indeed! and a nice surprise to listen to this song :)

  7. Wow, nice voice, Brava, Iris.
    This is a real treat, thank you, Kathi and Iris.

  8. isn't this delightful in every way?-- and what a team iris and karl make! so glad you've stopped in to enjoy!!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! I did not know that Iris sings as well! What a talented woman! Thanks so much for sharing Kathi! :)

  10. How wonderful that so many friends can hear our music thanks to my lovely friend Kathi. I'm really happy about all this positive reactions:-) Thank you all.
    Cheers, Iris Brownbunnybyiris

  11. WOWSA! I had no idea Iris was such a fabulous singer either! A woman of many many talents. Iris, you go girl!!! :)

  12. Hooray, Iris! I have alwasy been a fan of her styles in her Etsy shop and always commented that I have fallen in love with the mannequins that she has displaying them. :)
    What a beautiful, soft and sultry voice. She is a great all around talent and sweet person.

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