ghost of vintage platter past...

i've been nose to the literal grindstone this week gearing up in the studio trying to make new jewelry for a few holiday shows i'm participating in-- i can never seem to make enough-- and keeping up with the daily routines (laundry, house cleaning, blechh) gets harder and harder at this time of year. i adore the holidays--but they don't come without a price. i vow every year to keep gift giving and decorating simple-- or to make every gift--but somehow i wind up running like a mad woman and scrambling to find just the right things..

i've been also trying to photograph and stock all of the wonderful vintage items i've collected for the holidays-- i will have some putz houses coming soon, wonderful antique tinsel and mercury glass victorian ornaments, another fantastic art pottery gnome planter, some czech faceted glass deco necklaces... just a matter of getting it all listed!!

in the meantime-- as i was doing a shoot the other day-- i decided to play a little and came up with some somewhat ghostly images of a wonderful silver plate platter that will be listed in 5gardenias this weekend. still thinking of miss havisham and her dusty, cobwebby lace and silver filled table ... now i just need that tinsel...


  1. Experimenting with the camera is so satisfying--I love your new work, Kathi, and I'm always snooping around in both of your shops!

  2. love having you snooping dawn-- i do the same thing-- if you look at google analytics and see that you have a regular visitor from buffalo-- you'll know it's me!!