stoic little tree...

 christmas came and is already over--- in a flash-- i spent it with my beautiful boys. my three sons and sweetest husband. i love having everyone in the house together. my older boys are grown up --one has his own apartment and the other stays with his dad for the first half of his christmas break from college-- so getting them to stay the night isn't easy-- but i think they still enjoy waking up in the morning and opening their stockings on the bed together, and then eating a great big breakfast - my youngest son gets antsy and squirmy-- he can hardly stand the tortuous waiting...  finally!! when everyone is finished eating-- we make our way to the living room and so the ritual begins... and then.. poof.. all done! the weeks of preparation and work are already a thing of the past... and now on to the new year. i think i may be in shock. BUT i'm thankful for the warmth of family and the wishes of beautiful friends, the time fleeting, precarious and precious...so to commemorate this passing of christmas once again, and the bit of sadness i feel that it can't last just a little longer,  i honor the holiday with a photo of one of our little trees that stands stoically in the window..


  1. It goes by so fast! Enjoy your little tree and the memories.

  2. Ahhhh, so exactly how I feel today! Christmas is so beautiful and fleeting. I had two of my three sons home and I know they love the rituals, the waiting, the stockings, the big breakfast and finally they are old enough to enjoy giving as well as getting! I love the picture of the tree and the preciousness of our time together!
    xoxoxo Cait

  3. I know exactly what you mean! All of that work...and whoosh..it is over! I am always a little sad when it is over...so I immediately re-direct my focus to the New Year and all of the things I hope to accomplish (and ponder which ones I will really do)! :) I love the little tree!

  4. .. yes-- seems like a good time to take stock and review-- things to think about for the coming year-- and many things to be grateful for.. always!! ..

    i love january because it always moves a little slower and gives one a chance to regroup and decompress..

    it's amazing that it's already 2010-- i keep thinking how wild it is-- that it's so early in this new century.. i keep thinking about what the world was like in 1910 compared to now..

    thanks for stopping in-- XO and best wishes for a wonderful year ahead!!

  5. I love this post--you caught the feelings exactly--so fleeting! I wasn't aware you had two grown sons as well! Oh--I love potato chips too--looking here to the left <----. And Kurt Vonnegut and beach combing (#1 fav activity when I'm on the water), and Mary Shelly and Ang Lee movies...nevertheless, have a great New Year's Eve, and I'm looking forward to 2010!

  6. When I was preparing for xmas, dinners and guestbeds.. I wondered sometimes if it would be worth it, but I'm so glad it is! :-)
    Gone in a second it seems, but the kids had such a good time with family, good food and long reading-books-seesions by grandpa.

    I'm so happy you've had a wonderful time with the boys as well, how could you not, eh? Fabulous to have them all at home..
    I wish you all the good stuff for 2010 and maybe there will be an oppurtunity to meet in NYC one day, I sure hope so :-)

    Lieve groet, X

  7. On Christmas night my oldest daughter said " I can't believe we have to wait a whole year for Christmas!" I said "we still have boxing day". We always hunker down and stay in the house as much as possible to try and stop or slow time. I love to savor every sweet moment. It was great to read about your family and your traditions. Thanks.

  8. such a beautiful post, and you're right - it is all about sharing it with our loved ones. I love your little tree by the way... and yes, sadly it does all go too fast. christmas should be a week long thing, not just one day! But could we really handle it?! ha ha ha. My best wishes to you for what looks like the New Year fast approaching! xoxo K