december loves...

above are a few items i love made by a just few of my favorite etsy people and shops --- it seems to me that i should have made this a collage of at least a hundred things-- as i had to leave so many things out--but i'm hoping to feature a few more items over the next week--gulp--if i can find the time between working in the studio, finishing up orders and getting them shipped out--cleaning my house, trying to decorate, finishing shopping for christmas presents, wrapping them,  shipping them out and hiding the rest from my little guy who still miraculously believes in the jolly old man with the big white beard and reindeer.... ahem... i don't have the heart to break the news to him..
and well, i did have to include a few items from my vintage shop... as i think they would make great gifts for the holidays too!

1.IlluminatedPerfume -  sierra botanical natural perfume
2. Slinkymalinkicat - 1853 morris butterfly print
3.Masaoms - amethyst earrings
4. LaTouchables - the african queen in plum
5.Huismus - sterling silver pearl coral earrings
6. LittleHuismus - crocheted baby booties
7. Masaoms - christmas star necklace
8. 5gardenias - vintage christmas cardboard house decoration
9. funkeyfinds - vintage folk holiday ornaments
10. opendoorstudio - vintage wintery snowman
11. spinthread - pom pom neck hugger
12. SewnNatural - matryoshka dolls set
13.5gardenias - czech romantic ruby red cut glass deco necklace
14. 5gardenias - victorian mercury glass and tinsel ornament
15. quenchmetalworks - 3 button ring
16. hometoroost


  1. Kathi, your collection, not only beautiful, but timeless, in the sense of year-round gorgeous, puts a smile on my face. (I've been known to keep the Christmas decorations up till summer and throughout the whole year--because they look so pretty!) (Okay, some of them are from strange places and double as folk art :-)

    Thank you--I love my bag up there!

  2. So very pretty Kathi! I love the cool toned palette and the vintage vibe.
    Remember to include a nice hot bath or a massage in your things to do list.

  3. hey there late nighters-- so glad you stopped in for a visit-- wish we could share a little sip of cognac by a big roaring fire and tell tales..

    ..and yes-- i love christmas decorations-- they really have a special glow about them-- i usually keep my mercury glass candlesticks up and out for months-- i'd love to see your decorations dawn-- and oh yeah...!! -- hot baths and massages sound like the perfect christmas gifts to ask for!!
    XO to both of you --and goodnight!

  4. Wow, Kathi it's just amazing selection, I feel honored to be part of it! Thank you very much my friend and have a nice holiday days with your family! ;-)

  5. Ack Kathi! This is such an amazing collage, one that I am thrilled to be a part of. Thank you my friend. XO

    I did feel a little dizzy at the thought of your whirlwind of activities and work you have planned. STOP! Rest! Think! Put your feet up! Watch 'It's a Wonderful Life' and just BE for a moment. Wow .... if only I could take my own advice! :D

    I am thrilled to hear Henry still waits for Father Christmas. Lucy and Ellie actually stand by the fireplace chatting to Father Christmas about their wish lists and just passing the time of day.

  6. love your taste- amazing items you've found. love stsy. I have been really trying to get my shop looking great this holiday- check it out!

  7. This is a great collections! Many new items for me to add to my favorites. :)
    By the way, your work is gorgeous as well!

  8. This IS a surprise.. and what a gorgeous one!
    A perfect setting to come home to eh? Thanks my dear far away friend..

    Love every item you've chosen, and if I'd ever have the time to make a collection like this, you'd be in it for sure ;-) You're not only a inspiration to go my own way in this jewelry thingy ;-) you're also one of the best english teachers I've ever had, haha!

    Say hi to Henry, think it's too cute he still believes in Santa, and I can so imagine you want this bit of magic to stay..

    Happy Holidays to you, Peter and Henry, and take Kim's advice and take a bit of rest, you hear?
    Lieve groet! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Kathi,
    this wonderful collection is chock full of my favorite sellers too! thanks for sharing and bringing to light yet MORE wonderful etsy shop owners!
    I think I can relate to your hectic time... but just sitting and enjoying this pretty and claming Christmas collection makes me STOP and puts a smile on my face. I thank you for including my " frosty" he is in the best company here...tucked in with all of these treasures! You are the best and I wish you peace this season and lots of hugs with your little guy!
    " Believe!"
    martha opendoorstudio

  10. Thanks for the beautiful collection! So many beautiful creations :)
    Happy Holidays, Kathi!
    Best Wishes to you in the new year!
    xo Kendra

  11. it is SO lovely to hear from such wonderful etsy friends-- i think the world of each and every one of you!!

  12. Hey Kath! My Alex - now 18..... his words on a Christmas Eve when he knew the "Truth". I asked him if he was sad that he now knew that santa wasn't real - He says "No, i never really liked him anyway". Santa must have pinched him one year or something - i could never get him to sit on his lap. He would just stand next to him.
    Great collection - hope santa is really good to you all......... :D

  13. It's a gorgeous collection Kathi:-)
    Isn't it wonderful to believe in a jolly old man with a big white beard and reindeer. I still remember having seen him too some time ago:-) I'll never forget!
    Happy holidays dear friend, Iris + Karl

  14. iris--henry had spotted him last year-- out of the corner of his eye-- it happens so quickly from what i understand-- only a special few get to see him!! you and henry might be the only two... although laura's son alex may have even been pinched by santa--! ouch!