Perusing the World ....

with just a little spare time on my hands at the end of another long long day i went a -searching for the kinds of things that wet my whistle, make me want to stand on my hands and do back flips and STOP and make it all myself!! but how can one? i have to give in to the fact that there are countless numbers of AMAZING minds out there-- each one creating-- each one just as astounding as the next-- a universe of people capable of producing tremendous beauty-- moving, intelligent and  incredibly innovative ...

here are just a few things that have blown my mind for the moment:

the top and bottom pieces are located under the category "lace" and the other are embroidered pieces--all from the design house of karen nicol-- go to her site and view the fantastic variety of textile work -- truly inspiring!


  1. Hi kathi just wanted to wish you a happy healthy new year!
    oxo, alyssa

  2. how wonderful to see you surface here alyssa-- i know you're a busy girl-- i hope you've found some time for relaxing with family & friends--and have a wonderful celebration to bring in the new year-- i hope it will be a wonderful 2010 for you--XO!!