2010 is here..

it's here-- a turning of a decade. it seemed such a short time ago that we were emerging from the end of century and now here we are in the early stages of a new century. we've bridged the ending and beginning of two centuries-- there seems something poignant about that.. something exciting..

i've taken a brief break from my studio to enjoy the holidays and try to get caught up with a few things around my home-- and just to decompress a bit. i'm enjoying staying tucked inside and wrapped in my robe or cozy sweater and pjs until late in the morning-- it's such a treat-- almost seems decadent!

in the meantime i've been photographing some new pieces for my jewelry shop --just a few things ready for the new year.  i'll reopen my etsy jewelry shop in several days. i still have much to do when i get back to work in my studio-- i have a lot of ideas, just not sure which direction they will take me at this point. that's the best part--

here are some forged sterling silver bangles in a set of five with hammered disks, cups and citrine stone interspersed around the bands. light and comfortable to wear. i will offer the bangles in varying sizes to accommodate.

a sweet and simple sterling silver ring with three cups, the center one has fused 23 kt gold leaf. this will be available for made to order in individual ring sizes.


  1. I love those bangles. I'm going to keep an eye out on your shop--those bangles are speaking to me--the irregular shape, the randomly placed (seemingly--I know nothing is random but the happy mistake) stones and elements..., the delicacy and strength--this is classic on the lines of 'mythic', and antik, and archaic...

  2. what a wonderful start for this new decade, dear kathi!
    your new pieces are just a dream, can´t wait to see what other beautiful surprises you have "hidden in your studio"...
    i will be looking forward your coming back to esty!
    have a lovely weekend!

  3. thanks for your feedback dawn and nubia-- it's always so nice to get a response regarding one's work. there's always a question as to whether anything is working --or at all attractive to others.. many of my favorite pieces never move from my shop!