i'm fascinated by collections-- of all kinds. people bring home amazing things, and cherish old and new with equal pleasure, redo rooms to feature objects,  put up shelves to show them to the world. what meaning do they hold for each of us and why? i believe that objects carry time and experience --bits of history vibrating at their core. we pick them up or view them from across the room and feel them call-- each of us hears a different story, and responds in a unique way.  i'll go to a thrift shop and pick up this object and that one-- but ignore others. sometimes i find i can't let go of something -- it comes home with me, it lives with me. i visit with it and carefully observe its markings, signs of age and use-- a lost bit of paint here, a small crack there-- a lifetime of experience held in my hand.. or often centuries of life- even more mind blowing.. and not only do i feel connected to these objects, i feel that they connect me to another space and time, to people long gone, who lived and touched each of these objects, just as i do--probably had them on a shelf of their own, or in a pocket, or drawer-- i can almost make my way there..
i'm hoping to feature some of my collections over the next few months as i have quite a few, some carefully tended to, some ignored, some sought after, some happened upon, some extremely old, some relatively new-- all of them strangely a reflection of my personality ( yikes ) and of my many moods. i would also like to feature other people's collections, so if you have any that you would like me to post, please drop me a line-- i think it would be great fun to see what everyone has tucked away...


  1. I'd like to take a stroll through your home, Kathi--it looks like it's be so much fun, and I would love to see other's collections, too! Great idea!

  2. I love this post ~ It describes the way I feel about the treasures I find. I look forward to seeing your collections Kathi!
    I have several collections, too: pincushions, bird's nests, ironstone, white / ivory / aqua pottery, and the list goes on...

  3. hah-- my home is a mess right now dawn-- i'm going to tackle organizing and putting the x-mas decorations away-- but even when it's not a mess it's an eclectic mix of styles old and new-- a mish- mash, but i do love it!

    and lana, i would love to post some photos of one or some of your collections-- let me know if you'd like that!

  4. Can I come over with Dawn please? :-) I'd love to see what you're collecting Kathi, it must all be superpretty and full of stories..

    I have some collections as well, I'll think about showing it, bon? :-)))