winter snow

it's been a totally cold somewhat snowy and extremely grey week here in buffalo. i think there is a statistic written somewhere that this region has about 65 sunny days out of the year... i might have made that amount up-- but it sure feels like that's an accurate count-- i know i'm close.

 today seemed to epitomize the worst of buffalo weather -- with a frigid dampness and snow turning from white to grey brown from traffic on the streets.. i had so much trouble forcing myself out of my warm toasty bed this morning-- the air in our house was cold and unfriendly. i spent the first part of the day filling out forms and paying bills-- yuck. the second part of the day i made my way out on icy streets to my studio. there wasn't enough time left in the day to actually finish anything. just a work table with half finished pieces. anyhow-- i think the post holiday buffalo grey days winter blues have already set in. if it's going to be winter then i want it to snow and fill the sky and block out all the city distractions, and muffle all of the city noise-- the soft quiet that snow brings-- a kind of cleansing and purity that blankets the world for awhile-- so lovely and soothing.  this installation by artist simone decker, makes me feel the way a winter snowfall makes me feel.  these are three images are of her installation called filtre. the work has an almost overwhelming but incredibly beautiful stillness -- much like a white out-- when flakes fill the sky and obliterate the view of almost all other things....


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  2. That's a beautiful installation, and expresses so well what a snowy landscape looks like--utterly still and ghostly and beautiful!

  3. down here is so hot...!
    loved the installation! it made think how you are feeling these cold days in buffalo.
    have a glass of red wine to warm up...cheers!

  4. It is so cold here in Virginia! This morning I woke up to a light dusting of snow. It does make things brighter, though I fear it won't last long. I drink lots of tea and crank up the tunes.

  5. i think i'll have some wine, and then follow it a little later with some hot tea.. thanks for the good thoughts-- amazing that you have snow in virginia holly-- did they shut down the schools? we need to have a foot of snow before they close anything!

    and nubia-- i would love to be feeling that warm sunshine right now.... please absorb the warmth
    for me!! thanks for sending me some via blog XO

    and dawn-- that was a beautiful FP you had there-- thanks for that and for stopping in :) XO

  6. love it...went to her website and am digging that wall installtion! thanks for turning me on to another amazing artist!