Perusing the World ....

with just a little spare time on my hands at the end of another long long day i went a -searching for the kinds of things that wet my whistle, make me want to stand on my hands and do back flips and STOP and make it all myself!! but how can one? i have to give in to the fact that there are countless numbers of AMAZING minds out there-- each one creating-- each one just as astounding as the next-- a universe of people capable of producing tremendous beauty-- moving, intelligent and  incredibly innovative ...

here are just a few things that have blown my mind for the moment:

the top and bottom pieces are located under the category "lace" and the other are embroidered pieces--all from the design house of karen nicol-- go to her site and view the fantastic variety of textile work -- truly inspiring!


stoic little tree...

 christmas came and is already over--- in a flash-- i spent it with my beautiful boys. my three sons and sweetest husband. i love having everyone in the house together. my older boys are grown up --one has his own apartment and the other stays with his dad for the first half of his christmas break from college-- so getting them to stay the night isn't easy-- but i think they still enjoy waking up in the morning and opening their stockings on the bed together, and then eating a great big breakfast - my youngest son gets antsy and squirmy-- he can hardly stand the tortuous waiting...  finally!! when everyone is finished eating-- we make our way to the living room and so the ritual begins... and then.. poof.. all done! the weeks of preparation and work are already a thing of the past... and now on to the new year. i think i may be in shock. BUT i'm thankful for the warmth of family and the wishes of beautiful friends, the time fleeting, precarious and precious...so to commemorate this passing of christmas once again, and the bit of sadness i feel that it can't last just a little longer,  i honor the holiday with a photo of one of our little trees that stands stoically in the window..


The Circle

 i was invited by the lovely roxana of illuminatedperfume.etsy.com  to participate in a Blog-o-Rama ADVENTure, where a series of posts for each day of the advent have added by individuals on their blogs --the theme is scent and the holidays. i must admit, that i've been terribly nervous about writing on a topic that i am not very knowledgeable about--and in the face of some very eloquent, elegant and beautifully written posts i would hate to disappoint-- but i've had some time to dwell on the subject -- to let the thoughts waft my way(  forgive me--io just had to...) over the days leading up to my day to post-- the day before the winter solstice-- a "sun-standing"-- the shortest day of winter and the longest night in the year of 2009...

over the days of letting thoughts drift in and out regarding scent-- i found myself falling back in time, in memory-- in and out of the past. down the wormholes that defy time and space--a journey. my relationship to scent, and i'm guessing this may be true for many of us, is through strong relationship with events--positive --or negative...

when i smell lilacs, i can't help but travel back instantly to a vision firmly planted in my brain of the house i grew up in, and the lilac bush that grew outside our back door. each spring, that incredible fragrance would sweep me off my feet. i remember lingering near the bushes,  pushing my nose into the soft pale violet colored clusters, feeling the coolness of the tiny petals on my face, sharing space with bumblebees who loved the aroma just as much or more than me-- it was for me the essence, the sign, the epitome of spring. we would cut some of the branches loaded with the blossoms and bring them into the house. they filled me with a feeling of happiness, contentment, their beauty and fragrance raised my spirits-- however ephemeral those moments were-- i am forever tied to those lovely and compelling flowers and their enthralling and uplifting scent.  the thing that amazes me most--is that the smell is etched in my brain and i can call it to the front at anytime....

i have a similar memory and feeling when i recall winter moments as a child --spending hours outside in the snow, building forts and making secret dwellings, often content to be alone-- my favorite place to hide and spend time was under a group of low growing evergreens. the bottom branches were just high enough for me to sit under  --but low and full enough --like a canopy -- to create the perfect hide-away.. i made snow pies covered with juniper berries. i pretended i was an inuit. i  was surrounded by the smells of snow, and refreshing scent of evergreen-- bright and energizing--full of promise -- a smell i remember as embracing-- just as the evergreen trees covered and protected me.. i feel a strong sense of tenderness and love for the trees-- so naturally, during the winter months and holiday season i feel my kinship with the trees, their stoic grace, and vibrant aroma bring me back to myself-- as a little girl-- my time of innocence and hours of play and imagination... i'm sure the hours i spent alone in my own little world as a child fueled my ability to work and create in my studio -- to find contentment in my solitude..

 long ago --when i had time to read-- i embarked on reading marcel proust's, remembrance of things past. i never finished the two volumes-- but i was impressed by a certain chapter, "combray" -- i went in search of the passage that had stayed with me for all of these years and found it this morning-- it's as beautiful as i remembered it:

".. but when from a long distant past nothing subsists, after the people are dead, after the things are broken and scattered, still, alone, more fragile, but with more vitality, more unsubstantial, more persistent, more faithful, the smell and taste of things remain poised a long time, like souls, ready to remind us, waiting and hoping for their moment, amid the ruins of all the rest: and bear unfaltering, in the tiny and almost impalpable drop of their essence, the vast structure of recollection."

and now i leave you with a list of favorite year round smells:
sea water, sea air, sea salt, sea creatures, the sweet smell of horses, horse manure, horse stalls, hay, oats, the smell of tack rooms, leather, leather polish, the cobbler's shop, of metal, of clay, of fire.. the smell of garlic, onions, bread baking, cookies baking, sauce cooking, soup simmering, the tangy and refreshing scents of tangerine, orange, lemon, lime, of pineapple, mango, apple, sweet strawberries, honey, cinnamon, clove, pepper, cardomom, chai, toast toasting, vegetables roasting, the smell of rain, rain on hot pavement, of lightning, of thunder, of tar in the heat of summer and of hot water that erupts when you pop the tar bubbles, the smell of ozone,  of grass, of fields, of magnolias,  lilacs, and honeysuckle in the spring, of roses and lavender in the summer, of lakes, rivers, streams, rocks, leaves, worms, frogs, of evergreens,  snow, wet wool, dry wool, of hair, of my cats, of my children's heads, of feet, of hands, of necks, underarms, breath, heat, sweat, the smell of love..

many thanks to you roxana and best wishes for a year full of energy, excitement, creativity, seeking, finding, learning, and fulfillment to you and all!

here is one of roxana's new chocolate fragrances - "deep dark and mysterious"-- find it in roxana's etsy shop illuminatedperfume


december loves...

above are a few items i love made by a just few of my favorite etsy people and shops --- it seems to me that i should have made this a collage of at least a hundred things-- as i had to leave so many things out--but i'm hoping to feature a few more items over the next week--gulp--if i can find the time between working in the studio, finishing up orders and getting them shipped out--cleaning my house, trying to decorate, finishing shopping for christmas presents, wrapping them,  shipping them out and hiding the rest from my little guy who still miraculously believes in the jolly old man with the big white beard and reindeer.... ahem... i don't have the heart to break the news to him..
and well, i did have to include a few items from my vintage shop... as i think they would make great gifts for the holidays too!

1.IlluminatedPerfume -  sierra botanical natural perfume
2. Slinkymalinkicat - 1853 morris butterfly print
3.Masaoms - amethyst earrings
4. LaTouchables - the african queen in plum
5.Huismus - sterling silver pearl coral earrings
6. LittleHuismus - crocheted baby booties
7. Masaoms - christmas star necklace
8. 5gardenias - vintage christmas cardboard house decoration
9. funkeyfinds - vintage folk holiday ornaments
10. opendoorstudio - vintage wintery snowman
11. spinthread - pom pom neck hugger
12. SewnNatural - matryoshka dolls set
13.5gardenias - czech romantic ruby red cut glass deco necklace
14. 5gardenias - victorian mercury glass and tinsel ornament
15. quenchmetalworks - 3 button ring
16. hometoroost