well it seems like ages since i've been able to post.

i suppose as with all things it's good to take a breather. summer certainly calls for kicking back when possible.  i showed you pictures of our trip to seattle and portland, and now finally i'm  happy to be able to show you some photos of my new home studio. it was one of those things that i'd thought about and then talked about for years-- this summer i finally gave myself the final push. i cleaned out the front space of our home, which was cluttered with junk ( we don't have an attic or a basement for storage)-- of course once you move one thing a domino effect takes place--- so for days i was scrambling to find corners and odd spaces to move things to. some things went in the dumpster and a few more off to donation.
then, while i went and packed up my old jewelry studio, a couple of days of sorting and boxing in heavy humid sticky weather ( still keeping my ceramics studio there for the time being)-- my sweet pete took the paint roller to task and gave my walls a fresh coat of nimbus grey and talc white--- was that a labor of love or what?! -- i was so exhausted when i got home around 9:00pm from finishing up packing on the last day-- and there he was, nearly finished.
so after a day of hauling heavy equipment up to the second story ( son home from college offered up the muscle!)-- and a few more days of unpacking, organizing, and setting up-- i finally finally finally have my studio at home!!!

 it feels wonderful to have it done-- to be able to look out my windows on to the city street below and watch the neighborhood and all of it's hustle while i'm working. to have great light and have an intimate but comfortable and efficient space. to be able to get up and walk around my home-- pace my day. take photos right nearby when i finish a piece. to take photos of work in progress.  to avoid  trips in the car everyday.  to have my cats hang out with me while i'm working. to be able to get work done when my son is home from school -- to be able to show him what i'm doing. to work any time day or night if i'm so inclined. to get up and throw in a load of laundry while some pieces are soaking in the pickle.... to hunker down when a winter storm hits and still be able to work!--- it's all good.
below are some pics of the space somewhat empty--dora comes to inspect, some of my ceramic sculpture hanging and resting on ledges,  my refurbished raleigh yard sale find is parked and waiting to go for a ride... then voila-- the space magically filled with  work tables, cabinets, rolling mill, press and tools--
now i'm off to work... thanks for stopping in!


  1. Hey Kathi! Dora approves ... and so do I!! What a wonderful studio you've created, and how wonderful it must be to have it at home at last! And just look at those tools!!! :-)

  2. A truely beautiful sight, kathi! Congratulations, and look at all that light!!

  3. hi kathi!
    when i saw your post right at the top of my list.."finally!" i had to check it out!
    i am glad i did! what a wonderful new studio you managed to organize! i can imagine you thinking about it, postponing for a while and then, voilá! well done, dear friend!
    it is really great to be able to be at home watching what it´s going around, be close to your family, cat and still have such an inspiring and gorgeous place to work!
    just can´t wait to see the beautiful new pieces you are going to make in this lovely place!
    have a lovely weekend!

  4. What a beautiful, well-lit studio! Must be great to start to work in it!

  5. Yay, KathiNice to come upon your return to blog land and your pix of your new home studio! It looks great; kudos for all the work from you..and Painting Pete to get it ready; more of your wonderful art will take form here! Congrats and will look forward to hearing more from this space soon.

  6. awww- hey lovely people--joe, betsy, nubia, viktoria and ginny-- wow! so wonderful to have you come visit. i do wish you were all here to help me inaugurate the studio's new digs-- and celebrate with a toast or two to everyone for a wonderful autumn and season of creativity ahead. thanks for your comments!

  7. oh looks wonderful! enjoy the new space :)

  8. Looks great Kathi! Some of that eguipment is scary! Fire, brim stone and sparks will be flying! Cheers, I'll drink to that ML

  9. Gorgeous photos of your new home studio! Looks amazing, artful and so organized. Congrats Kathi--sounds like you really wanted to make this change! Funny though, I have made the exact opposite move! I am enjoying having a new studio, but it is a huge transition from working at home.

    Are those your ceramic sculptures hanging in the studio? Love those too and I love the clean paint job. Nothing like fresh paint to make you feel inspired and ready to start a new adventure.

    xo kz

  10. wow Kathi, what a magic & inspiring space to have! this looks terrific .. if you don't mind me saying it really looks like something out of a magazine - stylish! I can see that ALL of your hard work has paid off - i'm certain you will while away many happy hours creating more of your beautiful work.

  11. I have just applied for a studio space so that I can work away from home! Now, after seeing your beautiful new home studio and read the comments regarding all the benefits of being able to work at home I am now in a quandry!

  12. i've been so slow in checking back in-- thanks for your visits mark, kendra, kerrin and lois--

    mark--the equipment just looks scary --but actually very tame and user friendly..
    kendra-- yes those are my ceramic sculptures-- that's what i used to spend most of my time making...
    --and i think it's always a toss up as to what is a better place to set up a studio. there's no doubt that it's good to have separation between work and home life. for me though a change was in order--my old studio had lost its glow-- and the energy in the building and surroundings was a bit of a downer..
    being home is so relaxing and refreshing-- to have all of my things at my finger tips is such a pleasure. i wouldn't have been able to have my ceramics at home--too much involved with kilns and glazes etc--but the smaller scale of jewelry and equipment made it possible.
    thanks for stopping--and lois--hope you aren't too torn now-- it may be that you just need a fresh environment-- and certainly you can still maintain a work space at home for days when you don't want to leave!
    and kerrin--hah-- the studio looks nice and organized and clean now--but won't look that way for long...!

  13. kathi~ i'm dropping in late, i see...but my oh my what a gorgeous space! the light is simply wonderful and your artistic eye has made it beautiful as well as functional! i so hope you have already filled it with many happy productive creative hours~ xo