September Vintage

i've been loading up wonderful vintage finds in my vintage shop  5gardenias vintage-- i  had a great time photographing this bunch-- creating settings for my finds is always my favorite part of the process. --aside from the searching and finding! please be sure to stop in the shop and poke around....
  1. victorian leather pocket mirror case
  2. japanese luster ware tea set
  3. tippi hendren fur w/veil hat
  4. victorian horseshoe hat pin
  5. morning star crochet necklace
  6. wooden shoe mold 
  7. antique aqua glass invalids and infants food bottle
  8.  cotton and lace camisole
  9.  same as above
  10. eames era melamine tea set
  11. nurses medical bag
  12. flower cluster necklace
  13. long lace necklace
  14. pyrex coffee carafe
  15.  london iron
  16.  cinnamon girl suede boots


  1. Kathi I am in love with those red boots and the melamine teaset....if only postage from the US wasn't so expensive!! Dx

  2. definetly lovely vintage finds !

  3. dearne-- i'm with you on the boots- and the set--they're tough ones to part with -- sure do wish the boots fit me!
    and thanks zsazsazsu-- glad you like the goodies.

  4. I love the necklaces you made with the vintage finds, really unique!

  5. Yep! Your September vintage finds are glorious and the lay out too, Kathi! Just stopping in to look at blogs and saw yours, so, of course, here I am.
    You ahve such a good eye for finds and for spreads..no doubt if you have to part with some of your faves..you'll find more great "goodies">

  6. thanks for noticing the necklaces greet-- they're a fun departure from the more laborious metal work that i do-- i have a lot of vintage baubles and textiles that i've collected and thought it would be fun to finally make use of them...

    and hi ginny dear-- shouldn't you be studying your italian and packing for your trip?

  7. looks like it is going to be a fantastic month! what lovely finds..

  8. so in love with these things.