autumn nocturne chatelaine necklace

in between completing some orders i managed to finish this necklace. it's been sitting in pieces on my table for ages. i've always loved creating pieces with leaves and pods. this time i've added them to a modern chatelaine. women used to fasten chatelaine's on their belts.  their essentials hung from chains that attached to a central element...keys, notepads, change purse, small scizzors, smelling salts, etc were made use of throughout the day...

in my version, this chatelaine necklace holds the essentials for celebrating autumn--enameled leaves, pod, night bird and coral branch, hanging from a moon shaped hollow locket-like form. the necklace ends with a twig toggle clasp and hangs long--at the solar plexus-- keeping nature's energy close to your core. the necklace is long enough to wrap around twice to wear at a shorter length, for when a lady has a change of fancy.

 i 'll list this in my etsy shop by mid week...


  1. Kathi, I love it so much you wouldn't believe how I'm sitting here with my mouse open in awe--I have always loved your pod and charm necklaces! The enamel is the icing on the cake, and I soooo love the raw energy and magnetism of these pieces!

  2. Yes, that's what I want to know, too. I think this is just a case of who is quicker on the draw...:-D

  3. hah!-- so it's going to be a duel at sundown ey.... ?