I just love this sweet Jennie June china doll kit from the 1950s--- made by Mark Farmer Mfg co. Something about the way she's never been turned into a doll-- just pristine porcelain parts wrapped in aged paper and stored away in a box-- a box that was originally sent with live orchids from Hawaii to a certain woman in a specific town in the 50s -- a perfect little package stowed away in a drawer or attic chest.. she comes with her original paper instructions with printed hand drawn illustrations and an order sheet for more parts or doll kits. a captivating little package of nostalgia. i've just listed her in 5gardenias vintage.
it's  late in the day and raining here with 50 mile an hour winds that are beginning to die down now .. there was even a little bit of hail at 6:00 am this morning... so it's been a feisty but beautiful grey blustery autumn day. hope you're all having a lovely weekend wherever you are! thank you for stopping by...  : )

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