Old Lace

The old fashioned girl in me has always been in love with old lace. The idea that this intricate patterning, these web like worlds of beauty have been made by nimble hands from the past just drives me crazy with admiration. The tea stained and aged beauty of the threads draws me in and then sends me back to some other time I'm certain I must have known... somehow. 
I've decided to carry some vintage and antique lace in my vintage shop,  bits of trims and scraps--for those of you who love to sew, or make jewelry, or add to your latest ingenious creations-- or those of you like me, who love to just sit and stare and marvel and touch and imagine..
Happy Monday to you!


  1. Just beautiful--and the photos so evocative!

  2. Oh I love lace too. Growing up I was always obsessed with old things - I loved imagining life in the past, and lace really has that old-time feeling. Beautiful!