I had meant to talk about Ella Bella last week --that's her in the photo, but there have been too many things happening all at once, and life's been a bit too chaotic. My husband and I rescued her from the apartment building next to our dwelling. She and her roommate, sister or brother were left behind by their owner. The word was that they had been seen around the building for weeks, often trying to get back into their old apartment. This made me so sad-- and angry.  Ella stayed with us for several weeks and I fell head over heels in love with her--and then we found a sweet family who fell in love with her too ( my son's friend's family ) She's in good hands but I will miss her so!


  1. Awww, Ella does look sweet. I can't believe anyone would abandon their cats either, jerks! At least take them to the shelter. I found my second cat, Stevie in the gutter, someone had left her behind too. My other cat, Squints is blind and it took awhile for them to get along. I was going to find Stevie a home too but I just love her too much. Where Squints is a bit aggressive, Stevie is a lover.
    Ella is lucky to have you keep her in the meantime. Good luck with finding her a home.

  2. That would have driven me to tears, too, Kathi. What a sweety-pie! She will always love you.

  3. Yes Lisette-- I agree. At least bring your cat or dog to a shelter if you're unable to care for it any longer or have to move and can't bring an animal. Sounds like you have been in the same position-- rescuing those that need help. It would be so wonderful if everyone could find room in their hearts to do the same! Ella is already in her new home and settling in nicely. I couldn't be happier about the outcome!
    Thanks for sharing!