I have to share this video with you my friends-- and no matter where you are-- I hope you will do all that you can to speak out against this insanity!


  1. That is insane, Kathi! I just can't get over how facts are misconstrued to favour the bottom dollar...and when it comes to our environment and well-being, our future as human beings, let alone the well-being of an entire habitat that encompasses hundreds of thousands of acres, it is simply unacceptable.

    Thanks for this eye-opener!

  2. Yes Dawn-- it's truly frightening. ... the long term devastating effects on our water aquifers, rivers, lakes from fracking is completely horrifying. That fact that people knowingly sign on to have their land used by these gas companies is amazingly stupid and short sighted. Will people EVER learn??? The gas company execs should be hung out to dry and bottle fed the water that they are filling pumping full of toxins. People should be marching to the capitol of every state, and calling up their govenors and demanding that fracking be banned. This has me all worked up!