We've been lucky with weather here lately-- blue skies and moderate temps-- in the 70s and 80s.  I'm soaking it all up. The sun and blue, so beautiful and inspiring--I'm thankful for the loveliness.  Yet at the same time  I'm thinking of all the people who are experiencing record breaking temps around the country and world-- and those who have lost their homes due to the wild fires raging out of control in the west and southwest. Without becoming too dark about this subject I have to add that we really need to make changes right here and NOW if we want to try and repair any of the damage already done to our environment and climate--I'm afraid we've already taken too long to act, and we're just seeing the beginning of the problems that we'll be facing....
Alright I've said enough... and now on to simpler and more pleasant matters.. just a few new sweet finds for 5gardenias: a vintage conch shell... a telephone to the sea, a 1960s flower power summer shift, an adorable 1930s art deco bluebird planter ( just sold ), and an antique wooden motor boat model from the 1940s

I'm wishing everyone a happy weekend--and sending prayers out for those people and animals who've been effected by the fires.


  1. Hi Kathi: Just getting back to looking at blogs among other things I"m just getting back to. Lovely to see your post and desgn sense as always. We are not having record breaking temperatures here in Seattle, happily, but not much "summer" either! Not like when you were here!! (Many new things to integrate ..and some changes since my month in italy.. am off etsy so will see you in blog land. My website: www.floweringfibers.com

    it was good to see you turning up on some of my posts from Italy. I join you in welcoming July and sending good wishes to those having to cope with searing heat and threatening fires.

  2. Ginny-- so lovely to hear from you! My oh my you've been a busy woman. A new website filled with lots and lots of new and wonderful work and somehow managing to squeeze travel to Italy again in between or before all the new changes. Congrats on making it all happen. I send you hugs and best wishes for the coming months! XO!!