We've been lucky with weather here lately-- blue skies and moderate temps-- in the 70s and 80s.  I'm soaking it all up. The sun and blue, so beautiful and inspiring--I'm thankful for the loveliness.  Yet at the same time  I'm thinking of all the people who are experiencing record breaking temps around the country and world-- and those who have lost their homes due to the wild fires raging out of control in the west and southwest. Without becoming too dark about this subject I have to add that we really need to make changes right here and NOW if we want to try and repair any of the damage already done to our environment and climate--I'm afraid we've already taken too long to act, and we're just seeing the beginning of the problems that we'll be facing....
Alright I've said enough... and now on to simpler and more pleasant matters.. just a few new sweet finds for 5gardenias: a vintage conch shell... a telephone to the sea, a 1960s flower power summer shift, an adorable 1930s art deco bluebird planter ( just sold ), and an antique wooden motor boat model from the 1940s

I'm wishing everyone a happy weekend--and sending prayers out for those people and animals who've been effected by the fires.

I had meant to talk about Ella Bella last week --that's her in the photo, but there have been too many things happening all at once, and life's been a bit too chaotic. My husband and I rescued her from the apartment building next to our dwelling. She and her roommate, sister or brother were left behind by their owner. The word was that they had been seen around the building for weeks, often trying to get back into their old apartment. This made me so sad-- and angry.  Ella stayed with us for several weeks and I fell head over heels in love with her--and then we found a sweet family who fell in love with her too ( my son's friend's family ) She's in good hands but I will miss her so!


I have to share this video with you my friends-- and no matter where you are-- I hope you will do all that you can to speak out against this insanity!


So not only is this post title referring to new nautical items listed in 5gardenias vintage-- but to the fact that the month of June is just... well... sailing by!
Here are some nautical faves recently listed in 5gardenias shop- a number of vintage nautical signal flags, -- a pennant style blue and white flag , a red and white flag, the yellow and blue stripe flag's message is: I require a pilot..... I can't help but think we could all use a flag like this at various times! I'm especially in love with this vintage hand carved wood sailor brooch .such a wonderful piece of folk art. And these are the last of my vintage fishing lures -- soon to be listed in the shop.
I wish all of you a great day and week for that matter... hope to be back sooner than later-- thanks for stopping by!