bellflower charm rings...

come spring i get bloom happy... here are some more bell flowers, this time made for fingers. .. soon to be listed in my etsy shop. ( some neck pieces will likely arrive in the not too distant future )... with all of the flowering fruit trees, lilac, magnolia, forsythia, azaleas, dogwood--well everything... i felt the need for color again in my work,  these enameled bell flowers are free wheeling and tumble around on the fingers-- mini moving sculptures, with a bright flash of color  --- they'll be available as one of a kinds in the enameled color versions, and in a number of simple finishes in silver, made to fit.... keep an eye out for listings..


  1. These are really really cool! Love your work, Kathi!

  2. thanks for popping in dawn-- i always appreciate your support!

  3. They are too pretty!

    Think I'm having a deja-vu.. I just might have said that in a comment on a previous post :-)
    But they are Kathi, superpretty..

  4. I love your use of enamel...mmmm...reminds me of this fantastic piece you made:


    TDF (to die for)

    I love to see where you go with your work...

  5. simone-- i bet you are having deja-vu-- did a cat walk across your path twice? hehee. thanks world traveler...

    and dawn --now i'm off searching for that item number... i am so curious what piece it is that you like! what fun... :)

  6. I absolutely love these! Bell flowers are one of my favorite flowers. Love how you made them a charm on a ring. The enamel colors are beautiful as well.

  7. hi pesky cat-- thanks for stopping in-- i appreciate your comments! :)