home--  i love our home. it's filled with every element of family personality... from artwork to the colors of the walls and floors-- the things that hang together are the expression of soul and daily life.  we don't live in a normal house with an upstairs and a downstairs--but rather a grouping of rooms that open and flow... we go and look at other houses sometimes when we think we might like to get off of our city lot and find some quiet--but nothing ever seems quite right...

any how-- i just got my camera back from the shop to have the sensor cleaned ( ahhh no more black blobs to edit out!-) and i bought a fresh pack of re-chargeable batteries. i was using my adapter which made mobility an issue. so chord free i can now roam my home and take some snaps..

above is view of one of my husband's large scale paintings-- and one of my hanging recycled paper piles in the
background ... that's how i store packaging...

below are some test tiles hanging on the wall-- just a few of them!--  from a summer of working on a research grant on glazes for ceramics--and one of my early pod sculptures leaning in the corner. a painting by a friend-- and a few shots of my favorite way to cover cat clawed furniture-- granny quilts. i collect them like a fiend. ..and of course the decor would not be complete without henry's bionicles spilled out on the floor!
the little wood people were a present -- they're made by yep-- that's right -littlewoodpeople on etsy .

the paper mache dragon standing on a pile of books  (above ) was made by my oldest son when he was about 7 years old...he's 22 now.... wow...-- and the sculpture on the wall is a piece i made about 8 years ago... it's ceramic and wood and mixed media. the balloon painting is by a young woman named kara daving...


  1. I love posts like these where you get a look behind the scenes...I had to blow up every picture and ooohhh and ahhhh. I love David Hockney, too...beautiful post, Kathi!

  2. kathi~ how fun to have this glimpse into your beautiful space! the light is spectacular as are your collections of all the bits with meaning for your family~ thank you for sharing!

  3. it's almost like having friends over --wish we could hang out and sip on some wine, maybe have some homemade soup and a good crusty baguette... thanks for visiting dawn and karon --XOXO

  4. Hi kathy, i am coming in for a visit and have that glass of wine, soup and oh! what a cozy and charming place to have a chat with you now, that is not cold but sunny and warm...your place has such a personality, don´t move!
    thank you for inviting me to your lovely home!

    btw, i loved your husband´s huge painting! and everything else, even Henry´s littlepeople on the floor...!

  5. nubia-- i'm going to have to count this as lunch-- one day we'll have to share a glass of wine!--thanks for stopping lovely lady!