big oil -- big responsibility

i know i'm not adhering to the idea of an aesthetically pleasing blog at the moment-- but i think that certain incidents call for attention and are indeed wake-up calls. there are too many wake-up calls really--and we all get overwhelmed. however... this one is a no brainer-- if you agree that you don't want to foot the bill for british petroleum's irresponsible and disastrous oil spill that continues to gush at a rate of 50,000-80,000 barrels of oil/day --then please click on the link at the end of the following paragraphs.. it is possible to have some effect--if enough voices are heard. this won't help stop this disaster --but it will certainly help give voice to our dissent!

 this is a petition that any one of you can sign to help send a message to congress. take a stand PLEASE. this incredible disaster in the gulf and the massive damage this spill will cause in our oceans is unprecedented.  don't let these irresponsible oil barons rip us off while robbing us blind while ruining our ocean waters and killing off sea life at the same time. next time you go to the gas pump--take a look. the price of gas has been rising again. and these companies can' t be bothered to take safety precautions??? or have a plan and solution in place in case of a disaster like this. this is outrageous!

Subject: No Bailouts for Big Oil

The damages from this spill will be massive. And get this--under current
law, taxpayers are stuck with most of the bill. That's right. After
Exxon Valdez, Congress passed a law limiting the oil industry's
liability for oil spill damages to a paltry $75 million.

I signed a petition urging Congress to end the oil spill bailouts
for Big Oil. Can you join me at the link below?



  1. I signed the petition! Thanks for the post. This is very important!

  2. thanks so much kendra---now if we can just get the rest of the country's population to sign too-- perhaps congress will listen...

  3. you are so right, dear kathi!
    this is a terrible thing to happen and i keep thinking that this could happen anywhere if people keep being so irresponsible.

  4. YES! I signed! Thanks Kathi for bringing this up on your blog! Way too important to ignore! xo Cait

  5. cait-- thanks so much for signing. i think there are armies of us---normal people who care tremendously about what's happening. we need to voice our outrage!